Always check the habbits of your clients – they might not even use Instagram.

Social Media & Communication services

Starting with a communication plan, we can handle your projects’ social media campaigns or simply promote your business and events using your pages and, optionally, paid advertisements. This is the most complex service of ours since it combines all the aspects (design, online strategy, photography, IT) covered by us.

Social Media Designs and Templates

One of the hottest things about Instagram nowadays is feed design. This is when you see that someone’s post are visually connected to each other and this is truly fascinating. Having cus- tomized and ‘attractive’ post images says a lot about your com- pany or association.

What you get: Instagram story template, Instagram and Face- book post templates, Instagram feed design plan, cover pictures, profile pictures

01. Mobile Apps

iOS & Android. Native apps are faster, allow more customization and a far better user experience. We transform your mobile app ideas into reality as we did for our previous clients.

02. Websites

We use popular and reliable technologies and frameworks such as PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, WordPress, Laravel, Prestashop and many more. But we don’t stick to those. If your needs are different we can easily adjust the platform.

03. Concept & Design

We are able to understand your business needs at a visual level also. Therefore we collect all the relevant information in order to accomplish your business strategy. Thru concept & design, we are competent enough to bring to life requires such as websites, mobile apps, flyers, business cards, designs for Facebook and many more.

04. Development

We know how to develop apps. We have built quite a few! We also know that what we are building must have business value for you. That’s why our team will be in touch with you on a daily basis, so you’re confident we’re meeting your goals.