Thai Kitchen – Responsive WordPress Website

Thai Kitchen – Responsive WordPress Website

I. Idea

Established in 2017, the Thai Kitchen restaurant is a family run business that supports local producers and Romanian businesses. The team behind it believes in the authenticity of the Thai gastronomy and they deliver the real flavour of Asian cuisine.

II. Webpage

We took over the existing WordPress-based website and developed it with a responsive design that gives users a great browsing experience regardless of the screen resolution used for viewing (desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone).

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III. Photography

Great images are key to attracting new customers so Thai Kitchen asked us to help them with taking photos of the food they have on the menu. During a photo session that has left us drooling and our bellies growling, we managed to capture the essence of Thai cuisine with some mouth-watering pictures.

IV. Design

We gave them a hand designing a few materials, such as posts for the Facebook page, the flyer, and a banner.


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