Submarine – Pub & Bar in Cluj-Napoca

Submarine – Pub & Bar in Cluj-Napoca

I. Idea

A night out that’s 20,000 leagues under the sea: Cluj-Napoca’s Submarine bar complete with torpedoes, control panels, periscopes, visible pipes, bolted metal doors, radars and maps, takes you on a journey into the deep. Working with them was very inspiring and a feast for the eyes.

II. Branding

It was a real pleasure to work with this steampunk bar. The place includes two serving bars that have the shape of a submarine made of metal, an anti-aircraft booth for the DJ desk, and mobile torpedoes on the ceiling. The small room is called the engine room, because of the big propeller powered by engines. Inspired by its representative steampunk style, we redesigned the whole visual identity, while editing a corporate identity manual. We changed the logo a bit and chose a different font, designing everything: the menus, posters, banners and all the online Facebook and Instagram visual content (page covers, profile pictures, event covers).

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