Sansara & Annemarie Börlind România

Sansara & Annemarie Börlind România

Services: Webshop development, Facebook & Instagram Content Management, Facebook & Instagram ADs, E-mail Marketing, Print design

Sansara and Annemarie Börlind: two brands that go hand in hand, helping and complementing each other.

Annemarie Börlind, a German natural cosmetics manufacturer, has been developing products from organic and sustainable sources for over 60 years. Sansara was born out of love for this brand, starting from a re-evaluation of the ingredients and substances that surround us every day. The reusing, recycling, and use of products made strictly from natural ingredients, respectively the concept of natural and organic has gradually turned into a lifestyle.

We started collaborating with the Romanian branch of Annemarie Börlind in the fall of 2019, managing their Social Media and Facebook ADs and taking care of their e-mail marketing, to which Sansara was added in the spring of 2020. We managed their content and campaigns carefully so that they would be relevant and fitting to the mission of the two brands.

Following this fruitful collaboration, we were asked to develop a new webshop for Sansara, in order to offer customers a much easier to navigate and more user-friendly platform. This is how the new Sansara online store was born, with a natural, pure, and minimalist look, which goes perfectly with the brands it sells and which offer healthy, environmentally friendly, accessible, and effective personal care products that maintain and highlight natural beauty. Products that respect both the body and the planet.

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