Services: Responsive webshop, Facebook Content Management, Facebook ADs

BeeHappy is definitely one of our sweetest clients. It’s never enough to have a wonderful and unique product. You need to wrap it accordingly and make it appeal to your customers.

We hear more and more often in the media that bees are on the verge of extinction, several families of bees can be killed simultaneously by using different chemicals. Given this, the family behind BeeHappy feels that, by taking on a role in the survival of bees, they can protect nature and our health as well. They make fully organic honey specialties, like cream honey for example, with blueberries, cranberries, cocoa and mint, cinnamon, and much more. BeeHappy produces and sells the honey of the happiest bees. We fully support and admire them! 

These great products need to be presented to the right people and definitely need an online presence. When it comes to this we managed to build a responsive webshop for this brand, that could show to the clients the company’s story and lovely products. Furthermore, honey lovers can order online their favorite organic honey specialties with just a few clicks.

Getting people to access your website and to know your products and activity better is way easier when you’re active on social media as well. After the launching of the website, we started to communicate with the customers on the company’s Facebook page as well. Aside from the organic posts in 3 languages (Romanian, Hungarian and English), we are in charge of the company’s Facebook campaigns to increase the number of visitors on the website and to get to more and more potential customers.

We are very happy that we can help this great project to its success and we hope that we can contribute to a better world, with healthier products around us.

Herlitz & Pelikan