AWAKE 2019 – On a journey with George & BCR

AWAKE 2019 – On a journey with George & BCR

I. Idea

Being the main sponsor of the 2019 edition of AWAKE Festival, BCR (Banca Comercială Română) has asked us to be present during the event and entrusted us with documenting the atmosphere through photographs.

II. Photo Content

AWAKE is like a collection of memories you’ll always want to remember. Until next summer, at least. Our photo crew was present at the event day and night, capturing the festival’s Bohemians who weren’t afraid of the rain. We manage to create photo content with lots of color and good vibes, not only through shots full of festival feeling but also with wonderful product placement photographs.

III. Weekend Instagram Management

One of our teammates was in charge of taking over @georgepeinsta’s profile on Instagram during the whole weekend. He was everyone’s eyes and ears as your very own AWAKE Festival guide, posting magical bohemian stories to delight your eyes.

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