AWAKE 2019 – On a journey with George & BCR

I. Idea

Being the main sponsor of the 2019 edition of AWAKE Festival, BCR (Banca Comercială Română) has asked us to be present during the event and entrusted us with documenting the atmosphere through photographs.

II. Photo Content

AWAKE is like a collection of memories you’ll always want to remember. Until next summer, at least. Our photo crew was present at the event day and night, capturing the festival’s Bohemians who weren’t afraid of the rain. We manage to create photo content with lots of color and good vibes, not only through shots full of festival feeling but also with wonderful product placement photographs.

III. Weekend Instagram Management

One of our teammates was in charge of taking over @georgepeinsta’s profile on Instagram during the whole weekend. He was everyone’s eyes and ears as your very own AWAKE Festival guide, posting magical bohemian stories to delight your eyes.

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Tusványos – Social Media On a New Level

I. Idea

The Bálványos Free Summer University and Student Camp (more commonly known as Tusványos) is the largest intellectual workshop of the Carpathian Basin held annually in Băile Tușnad, Romania (Hungarian: Tusnádfürdő) which originally intended to promote cross-border cooperation. The 2019 edition is the second one where we have contributed to the design and online communication of the event, as a result of the very successful cooperation of 2018.

II. Design & Social Media

The online visual image of the event was designed together with the organizer team’s graphic designer. It was our job to administer the Facebook page of the event, and for the first time ever we created an Instagram page, which featured also original content designed specifically for this platform. It’s important to note that during the 2018 one-week event, the shared content was viewed by Instagram users 754,623 times. This means an average of 46.40 times per person!

tusvanyos design branding online marketing affarit studio companie dezvoltare software programare

DJ Andrei Chelbezan – Targu Mures, Romania

I. Idea

DJ Andrei Chelbezan is a Romanian Dance Music artist who asked us to help him grow in the online world.

II. Branding & Identity

The catchiest part was to build his brand as a DJ. We had played with a lot of ideas and ways to visualize his identity: the final result can be seen here.

This was our first project with him and there are a lot of others to come.

Andrei Chelbezan Dj House Targu Mures Ardeal Cluj Napoca Branding Design Programare Foto Video Affarit Studio Publicity Agency

III. Professional Photo & Videography

The next step was getting some high-quality photographs suitable for designs and different social media platforms.

We took some unique studio photos that he uses in his official Press Kit Package for festivals, parties and all different kinds of special events featuring him.

Out of the blue, we came up with something unexpected: we (together with Andrei) went to a popular ski resort and mounted his equipment there – this is how an exclusive party idea became reality. Live music, a lot of skiers and a unique online experience for those following Andrei’s projects. The online result was as expected: in less than a week, the video has reached more than 10 thousand people.

IV. Design & Social Media

Of course, we needed to find a way to communicate with Andrei’s followers in a new and modern way.

So first, we created a brand new identity for him on Facebook, meaning that he started publishing only high-quality content created by our design team.

We provide, monthly, covers, designed Instagram and Facebook posts and professional video content for him.