Mammoth Stage – Responsive WordPress Website

I. Idea

Mammoth Stage started as a sound, light and stage equipment company 19 years ago, then expanded with visuals and event management. Its goal is to meet the technical needs of world-renowned performers, to meet their requests at the highest possible level and to help artists who are at the start of their journey.

mammoth stage programing programare programozas wordpress romania mures comunicare web affarit studio firma dezvoltare software

II. Professional Webpage 

It was our job to build the company’s website from scratch and we obviously made it WordPress-based. We developed it with a responsive design that gives users a great browsing experience regardless of the screen resolution used for viewing (desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone).

III. Social Media Communication

We designed the visual contents used on Facebook to fit both the company’s vision and the logo design, while helping the client with their Facebook posts. Being a company that already has an international reputation, we decided to publish all content in three languages: Romanian, Hungarian and English.

Mures Half Marathon – The largest event of its kind in the city

I. Idea

Mureş Runners is an association of athletes of all ages united by the passion for movement, who want to reach the lives of as many people as possible, through the extraordinary way in which sport forms characters, brings health and transforms destinies through the victorious mentality it instills.

The Mureş Half Marathon is the largest event of its kind in the city, aspiring to become a representative one, also one that’s emblematic at a regional and national level in developing the community.

mures half marathon programare programing wordpress romania mures branding design online marketing affarit studio

II. Visual Identity 

The team behind the event wanted some changes to the already existing brand. We were responsible for modifying all the design elements such as the logo, the medal, the runners’ vests, the volunteers’ t-shirts, the start-finish gate, the banners used, etc.

III. Social Media Communication

We provided support for the materials posted on Facebook, using the new design’s colors. On the official Instagram page, we used both Facebook posts and original content designed specifically for this social media network.

IV. Webpage 

We took over the existing WordPress-based website and developed it with a responsive design that gives users a great browsing experience regardless of the screen resolution used for viewing (desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone).

Thai Kitchen – Responsive WordPress Website

I. Idea

Established in 2017, the Thai Kitchen restaurant is a family run business that supports local producers and Romanian businesses. The team behind it believes in the authenticity of the Thai gastronomy and they deliver the real flavour of Asian cuisine.

II. Webpage

We took over the existing WordPress-based website and developed it with a responsive design that gives users a great browsing experience regardless of the screen resolution used for viewing (desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone).

thai kitchen restaurant design webpage development porgramare affarit studio romania mures web

III. Photography

Great images are key to attracting new customers so Thai Kitchen asked us to help them with taking photos of the food they have on the menu. During a photo session that has left us drooling and our bellies growling, we managed to capture the essence of Thai cuisine with some mouth-watering pictures.

IV. Design

We gave them a hand designing a few materials, such as posts for the Facebook page, the flyer, and a banner.


Halászcsárda – Custom-made PHP Booking System

I. Idea

The Halászcsárda (Fisherman’s Inn) awaits its guests in the heart of the picturesque mountain village, Câmpul Cetății. One of its main pillars is the fish-farming based on the skill and experience of several generations in the family. The rod of this work is the fried trout, which has become known not only in the country but also abroad. The new inn built in 2009 has a capacity of 400 seats, hence being also ideal for organizing different events.

I. Web Development

Considering the steady increase in the number of guests choosing the inn, our task was to develop a custom-made PHP reservation system in Romanian and Hungarian, designed to facilitate the transparency and ease of booking.

halaszcsarda programing programare programozas affarit studio romania maros mures dezvoltare web

112 Coffee & Co – E-Commerce Webshop based on WooCommerce

I. Idea

112 Coffee & Co. is a brand new coffee shop in Targu-Mures, Romania. The idea of the coffee shop is to change the way people in our town treat (and drink) coffee. They serve really exclusive coffee.

The guys behind the whole project asked us to help them bring a brand new service to the market, so we have created a possibility for clients to have a coffee subscription for their homes.

Affarit Studio 112 Coffee House Targu Mures Ardeal Programare Webshop Website Android iOS

II. Professional Webshop 

The first step was understanding their needs and the idea behind them. We created the webshop within a few weeks and after that, helped them create all the necessary marketing materials.

III. Helping creating all the creative stuff

We have helped these coffee addicts (in a positive light) take some beautiful studio shots.


DJ Andrei Chelbezan – Targu Mures, Romania

I. Idea

DJ Andrei Chelbezan is a Romanian Dance Music artist who asked us to help him grow in the online world.

II. Branding & Identity

The catchiest part was to build his brand as a DJ. We had played with a lot of ideas and ways to visualize his identity: the final result can be seen here.

This was our first project with him and there are a lot of others to come.

Andrei Chelbezan Dj House Targu Mures Ardeal Cluj Napoca Branding Design Programare Foto Video Affarit Studio Publicity Agency

III. Professional Photo & Videography

The next step was getting some high-quality photographs suitable for designs and different social media platforms.

We took some unique studio photos that he uses in his official Press Kit Package for festivals, parties and all different kinds of special events featuring him.

Out of the blue, we came up with something unexpected: we (together with Andrei) went to a popular ski resort and mounted his equipment there – this is how an exclusive party idea became reality. Live music, a lot of skiers and a unique online experience for those following Andrei’s projects. The online result was as expected: in less than a week, the video has reached more than 10 thousand people.

IV. Design & Social Media

Of course, we needed to find a way to communicate with Andrei’s followers in a new and modern way.

So first, we created a brand new identity for him on Facebook, meaning that he started publishing only high-quality content created by our design team.

We provide, monthly, covers, designed Instagram and Facebook posts and professional video content for him.

Babes Bolyai Tudomány Egyetem – ITF Android & iOS app

We were asked to create an app for the ITF – BTTE conference. The apps main purpose was to give all the necessary information to the attendees. Beside giving useful information, the users got the chance to interact with the organization team.


We like Native Apps so we developed an iOS and an Android one.

I worked with András in early 2018 as he made an application for a conference at our university, (Babeș-Bolyai University). The mobile app was created to inform participants about the conference schedule and allowed them to provide feedback by voting on their preferred program throughout the days. The app provided to be useful to participants and organizers and, as an organizer, I am highly satisfied with András’s work and enthusiasm to complete the project.

Julia Makkai
Babeș-Bolyai University
Communication and PR Office

Targu Mures City App

Târgu-Mureș is the seat of Mureș County in the north-central part of Romania. It is the 16th largest Romanian city, with 134,290 inhabitants as of 2011.


This application was developed for the visitors and citizens of Târgu Mures and serves as a tourist guide for them. This project is one of our latest projects and was made with love for our amazing hometown <3.


We used to create an Android and an iOS native app for the best performance.

Targu Mures Cluj Napoca City App Android IOS Affarit Studio