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How to get followers on your Facebook page?

The most basic questions about a Facebook page (for many of us) are still linked to the number of followers (or fans). Although we should focus on much more important indicators (number of profiles accessed per post or quantity and quality of interactions) since this number is really important for many, let’s look at how we can increase the number of Likes on our page?

We talk about it

Although it’s a try-hard solution, it leads to clear results. If we meet a friend and we tell him that we have a cool page that he absolutely has to Like, we can be sure that our message has reached the recipient, moreover, we can immediately check if he followed the page. This tactic has many drawbacks, but it’s enough to think that every Like takes at least one minute of work. In the case of 1000 Likes, this means 1000 minutes, which equals approx. 16 hours and we have not yet taken into account the time between meetings and the unsuccessful attempts. You can vary this method, transform it into online attempts, but we can agree that it will not bring the expected results.

Like the page! type of ads – paid

There was a time when it was a popular solution to spend money so that a small promo of the page would show up in a spot specially dedicated to advertisements (we’re talking specifically about Facebook now), but nowadays it seems to be quite aggressive. On top of that, it doesn’t even transmit any interesting value or valuable information: the “I’ll tell you what to do” strategy doesn’t lead to a good result.

We invite our friends

You can achieve very good results with this method, especially since, starting this year, Facebook made it possible to invite all of your friends with a single click (there are still bugs, of course, so it’s worth doing 4-5 times in quick succession, so that the invitations are guaranteed to reach your friends – you don’t have to worry about over-spamming them: every friend can only get one invitation). This is a great idea because the personal relationship and familiarity establish a trust system in which there’s a much greater chance for the person invited to visit your page to click on the Like button.

Like for Like – paid

The invite-your-friends idea will eventually lead to a dead end, as not many people want to send invitations to 2000 acquaintances ( this is done usually by page admins or, in the case of associations, by volunteers), so we need to look for an alternative if we are still dissatisfied with the number of Likes. Worry not, there is a solution! It is a common practice to increase the number of Likes by boosting content on your page using smaller or larger amounts of money. In this case (based on the settings), the given image, text or other content reaches people who have not Liked or followed your page up until that point. The cool thing about this is that if such people make Like the given post (or Love it, Hate it, or have any other reaction), they can be invited on behalf of the page – and this is very important – to Like the page. So they get a special notification that states that recently they have reacted to content that originates from an unknown page and that they can easily Like it, if they wish to do so. And many do it willingly. The funny thing is that we didn’t originally pay for the page to get Likes, only spent a little to increase the reach of a particular post. Tip: to send invitations, just open the list of the people who reacted to the post and you can easily navigate there.

Perhaps you have known this for a long time, but in the long run, you’ll get real results only by coming up with interesting and new content for your page. In order to do this, it’s important to decide what you want to transmit and your followers’ feedback should not be secondary either. How do YOU hunt for Likes? Share it with us!


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