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What happens when you have a great idea but you have concerns regarding the visual realization of your concept? This is one of the cases when our Productions team can take the weight off your shoulders.

We are a highly talented and professional crew in which each individual has some particular set of skills in creating high-quality visual content and social media marketing. We take care of the whole process from capturing the actual footage, editing it, customizing it to each and every customer’s need, promoting it and reaching your presumed audience.

The team covers a wide range of videography, from weddings, after movies, video clips to short movies, trailers, product and service previews or any kind of advertising video. If you have anything particular in mind our crew can adjust to your needs even if the requested process is not “on the list”.

There are so many ways of telling a story, but every time we do, it feels personal. We don’t just provide you with our technical skills and talents but we also put a little piece of ourselves in all our works. That is what makes them special to us.

We like people, animals, culture, nature and despite we work in an efficient indoor studio we get every chance to get outside for a breath of fresh air. This often leads to hundred-mile trips, adopting stray dogs, taking hitchhikers and taking a lot of footage on the way. Capturing our highly varied subjects takes time and a clear understanding of the power of vision.

Since the popularity of videography and social media, it became hard to find our voices in the crowd. Our mentality is the following: You have at least 24 frames to shape as you want in one second, so what are the limits of a three-minute short movie? Think outside the box and then there are very little.

The truth is that every type of videography has its advantages but also practical limitations. Because of this, we can provide you with the best mold for your concept to be made in. There are cases when a promotional video can increase the reach of your company, or in other cases, a short movie can maybe attract a different type of audience for you. It all comes to the decisions you make.
You tell us what your concept and aim is, and we find the right way for it to have the best possible visual interpretation.

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